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IPv6, IPv4 Dual Stack

With IPv6 as the designated successor to IPv4, enterprises and service providers are evaluating products and solutions to enable a smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6. To handle IPv6's larger address space and resources, and ensure forward and backward compatibility with legacy IPv4 systems, a high-performance IPv4/IPv6 gateway is required.

AX Series New-Generation Server Load Balancer: High-Performance IPv4/IPv6 Gateway

A10 Networks' AX Series new generation server load balancers provide the industry's highest performance IPv4/IPv6 gateway to ensure a smooth transition. The AX Series includes the most comprehensive set of IPv6 features of any server load balancer on the market. With AX, customers can run IPv4 and IPv6 features simultaneously through a scalable high-performance platform designed to address the transition requirements and beyond.

AX Benefits:

Key Features:

IPv4 and IPv6 Server Load Balancer Dual-Stack Support

IPv6 Server Load Balancing

IPv4-IPv6/IPv6-IPv4 Double NAT

High Availability

Flexibility of Deployment

AX Management Through IPv6

IPv6 Routing