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Layer 7 Intelligence

The AX Series aFleX scripting tool enables advanced, highly-flexible and efficient Layer 7 traffic management. aFleX technology is based on the industry-standard TCL programming language. aFleXs do not introduce performance degradation, even when numerous features are turned on, due to AX's scalable Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) architecture that is tuned for multi-core CPUs.

The aFleX advantage makes the AX Series an essential solution in any data center, and a key load balancer selection criterion. Some aFleX usage examples include:

A10 Networks Solutions Layer 7 Intelligence Chart

Easy to use, readable, customized policies to manipulate application Layer 7 traffic

Ability to offload logic from Web servers to a single point on the load balancer

Granular load balancing traffic customization

aFleX technology benefits make for a must-have feature in any load balancing solution.

A10 Networks Solutions Layer 7 Chart