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ID 1100 Appliance
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The A10 Networks ID Series is the industry's only network identity management appliance with instant user identity resolution, which helps organizations save hours everyday and minimize risk by resolving security issues faster. The ID Series is built on a flexible, virtual directory model for rapid integration with existing network infrastructure and support for a variety of popular data stores to help simplify today's complex identity resource management, authentication and security issues.

Solving complex identity issues with a low-cost, rapidly deployed range of network appliances for users and organizations

Using a modular, agent-less approach, ID Series connects into multiple user directories, operating systems and networking devices, enabling a series of advanced identity management functionality. The ID Series approach has drawn praise for providing multiple identity services on a single appliance, vastly reducing operational complexity and installation time.

ID Series Core Modules

Central Account Management with Unifi ed IDentity Manager (UIM)

Simplifying user account management through the consolidation of user information from multiple data stores into a single, manageable virtual directory. ID Series's UIM component provides provisioning, management and de-provisioning of user accounts from one central interface allowing for quick changes, which can be synchronized across all data stores to help improve accuracy, usability and security while lowering overhead.

User Self-Help Web Portal for Password Resets and Account Updates

Application protocol classifi cation techniques extend above simple Layer 3 and 4 (IP and port) combinations. Using A10's deep packet inspection techniques enables the EX to identify application protocols for positive application identifi cation. These techniques enable the EX to identify application protocols that use port hopping, port tunneling, and encryption.

Centralized RADIUS Authentication for Simplifi ed Sign-on

Providing a consolidated solution to help simplify user authentication. The ID Series can easily integrate with existing account infrastructure to help simplify the authentication process for users and strengthen authentication mechanisms for devices such as VPNs, wireless access points, switches, routers and security devices. The ID Series is a fully featured RADIUS server with powerful extensions allowing RADIUS requests to be fulfi lled by non-RADIUS servers such as Active Directory, LDAP, UNIX, SQL and many more, removing the need for RADIUS specifi c usernames and passwords.

IP-to-ID or MAC-to-IP Service for Instant Identity Resolution

Find out who is on your network with the unique ability to correlate an IP, ID or MAC address to a user identity, instantly. ID's IP-to-ID Service eliminates the need to manually correlate IP, ID or MAC addresses to user identity and allows IT engineers to take corrective action immediately to lower security risks and potential damage. IP-to-ID Services provide multiple access methods to obtain user identity information for truly seamless integration with existing security, network and software applications.

Authenticated DHCP and Guest Access Services

The ID Series DHCP server can be enhanced by enabling Authenticated DHCP, which provides the ability to quarantine non-authenticated users and prevent unauthorized network access. A Guest Access web portal and web administration portal are also included.

A10 Networks EX Series information


Data Store Support

  • Internal RADIUS
  • RADIUS Proxy Authentication
  • LDAP v2, v3 / OpenLDAP
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Apple Open Directory
  • Windows NT
  • Kerberos v5
  • Lotus Domino
  • Novell eDirectory
  • Sun ONE, iPlanet Directory Server
  • Solaris
  • SCO Open Server
  • Fedora Core, Red Hat, FreeBSD, NetBSD
  • Linux
  • MS SQL, Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase
  • RSA SecurID

Identity Provisioning Features

  • Management for 3rd Party Data Stores
  • Centralized Account & Group Provisioning & Management
  • Central Password Policy Enforcement
  • Identity Attribute Synchronization
  • Account Password & Data Synchronization
  • Customizable Provisioning Views
  • Customizable Attribute Mapping
  • Batch and Scheduled Provisioning
  • Account Migration & Alias User Support
  • Central User Auditing

Web Based User Self-Help Portal Features

  • Password Policy Enforcement
  • Automatic Password Expiration E-mail Notification
  • Password Management & Recovery
  • User Profile Management
  • Tiered Security Challenge
  • Self-Help Activity Logged for Auditing
  • Detailed Activity and Status Reports
  • User Reset Can Update Multiple AccountsLayer 2 and Layer 3 Support

IDentity Services

  • IP-to-ID, MAC-IP and Host Name
  • Universal Identity Resolver (UIR)
  • 3rd Party Integration Through XML API
  • Monitor Events from Internal RADIUS or DHCP Services
  • Monitor Events From Most 3rd Party Devices (VPN, Firewall, Switch/Router, DHCP Server, Application Server, etc.)
  • Built In Support for Check Point, Cisco, Netscreen/Juniper, Fortinet, SonicWALL.
  • Parse any Text Based Event Using the Generic Parser
  • Retrieve Events from Syslog or Log File
  • Advanced Reporting with Identity
  • Login Activity
  • Threshold Alerts
  • Scheduled Reports with Off Device Archive

RADIUS Authentication Protocol Support

  • PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP Versions 1 and 2
  • EAP 802.1X Methods: MD5, LEAP, PEAP, MS-CHAPv2, SIM, TLS, TTLS, GTC, OTP
  • EAP Certificate Management

RADIUS Features

  • Realm Alias Support
  • Realm-Based Access Control
  • Multiple Policies per User
  • NAS-Based Policy per User
  • Group-Policy Configuration
  • Group-Default Profile Configuration
  • Group-Level Access Control
  • Group-Device Access Control
  • Concurrent Session Control
  • Inactivity Timed Policy Control
  • Scheduled Group Policy Control
  • Time Based Usage Quota
  • Multiple Accounting Formats: Cisco TACACS, Free RADIUS, Livingston, MERIT v2

DHCP Features

  • Authenticated DHCP
  • High Performance DHCP Server
  • Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) Enforcement Point
  • Web Based Guest Access Portal
  • Detailed Lease Reports
  • Integrated with ID Correlative
  • Blacklist Notification Management Features

Management Access

  • Advanced Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Secure Web GUI (HTTP and HTTPS)
  • SSH and RS-232 Serial Console
  • SecurID and RADIUS Support for Management Access
  • SNMPv1, v2
  • Encrypted Passwords
  • Secured Updates, Backup & Restore
  • Multiple Language Support
    • English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese


Rear View
Rear View

ID Series Model
ID 1100
Model Option Code Single Quad Core
4 x 1000BaseT (Gigabit Over Copper)
Management Through Ethernet Port
1 x RS-232 Serial Console Port
Dimensions 1.75 in (H), 17.3 in (W), 16.7 in (D)
4.4 cm (H), 43.9 cm (W), 42.4 cm (D)
Weight 16 lbs (7.3 kg), 1 U Rack Mountable
Power Supply AC Input Voltage 100 to 240 VAC
Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Single Power Supply 250 W
Fan Single Fan
Flash Memory 1 GB
Hard Drives 250 GB
Regulatory Certifi cation FCC Class A, UL, CE, TUV, CB, VCCI
Warranty 90-day Hardware & Software



Download the ID Series Datasheet (PDF).

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A10 Networks Products
ID Series Models
ID 1100 Appliance
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