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IPv6 Migration/Transition and IPv4 Preservation

Now that the IPv4 address pool is officially exhausted, enterprises and service providers are implementing products and solutions to enable a smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6. To facilitate a smooth transition to IPv6, and ensure connectivity to the entire Internet, a highly scalable IPv4/IPv6 gateway is required. The gateway should support the various IPv4-to-IPv6 migration techniques in use today (such as CGN, DS-Lite, 6rd and NAT64/DNS64), provide Interplay between these technologies, and provide Zero Downtime to ensure uninterrupted business.

AX Series New-Generation Application Delivery Controller: High-Performance IPv4/IPv6 Gateway

A10 Networks' AX Series is the right solution for both service providers and enterprises to ensure a smooth transition to IPv6, and maintain uninterrupted connectivity to the entire Internet. The AX Series includes the most comprehensive set of IPv6 migration features of any ADC on the market:

IPv6 Migration/Transition and IPv4 Preservation

With the AX Series, customers remain interconnected, regardless of the technology used (Interplay). The AX Series is a scalable, high performance platform designed to provide access to and from the entire Internet, so an organization is available to all their customers, all the time.

Key Features

IPv4 and IPv6 Server Load Balancer (SLB) Dual-Stack Support

IPv6 Migration and IPv4 Preservation Support

IPv6 Server Load Balancing



Flexibility of Deployment

AX Management Through IPv6

IPv6 Routing

High Availability