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Global Server Load Balancing

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) is popular for its disaster recovery functionality as well as for more intelligent direction of traffic for optimal site selection. A10's GSLB functionality is available in all the AX Series Application Delivery Controller and Load Balancer products. Flexible options, seamless implementation and exceptional value complement the A10 GSLB benefits:

GSLB Deployment Modes

A10's GSLB functionality extends load balancing to a global geographic scale by offering a choice of DNS Proxy or DNS Server methods. A10's GSLB adds another layer of availability and performance to applications with minimal impact to your existing DNS architecture while allowing you to choose the method that best fits your environment:

DNS Proxy

DNS Server (for a domain)

A10 Networks Solutions GSLB Ax Series chart

DNS Server (for a sub-domain)

Intelligent GSLB

GSLB functionality for applications can be leveraged through existing AX Series deployments, combining local server load balancing and GSLB on a single box, or separately by running GSLB on its own dedicated AX Series platform. All AX devices participating in GSLB and local server load balancing communicate with one another and share the overall health information of the data center and applications.

By adding intelligence to DNS, application load can be based on many different factors, including:

Disaster recovery

Active RTT

Single sample RTT (single shot)


Session capacity

Weighted values

Bandwidth cost


The AX Series includes both global and local traffic management within the same platform. All A10 AX Series appliances feature GSLB at no additional charge, ensuring that a purchase for local traffic management can be extended later for global traffic management, without the need to budget for expensive software upgrades or additional appliances.

To see how AX Series GSLB and Juniper Networks SSL VPNs work together, please read the Solution Brief: A10 Networks and Juniper Networks - Load Balancing to Provide Scalable, Reliable, Secure Access Solutions.