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IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd) for IPv6 Content Access

Using an existing IPv4 core network, IPv6 rapid deployment (6rd) is used by Service Providers to provide IPv6 content access to their end users who are already on IPv6.


A10 Networks Solutions IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd)

6rd Technical Walkthrough:

The IPv4 end user's traffic is simply NATed and routed to the IPv4 resources as normal.

The IPv6 end user's traffic is encapsulated into IPv4 and sent to a 6rd device, which de-encapsulates it before routing it to the IPv6 resources.

Note: 6rd does not resolve the IPv4 exhaustion issue, nor does it provide any IPv4 content access to IPv6 end users or IPv6 content access to IPv4 end users.