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Turkcell Deploys Hyperscale Virtualized Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation from A10 Networks

July 31, 2019 By BlueAlly


A10 Networks Thunder® CGN Delivers High Performance Network Address Translation to Extend IPv4 Network Connectivity SAN JOSE, Calif. – July 31, 2019 – A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) today announced that Turkcell, the leading mobile and digital services operator in Turkey and the surrounding region, has adopted the company’s virtualized carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT) solution to better support current services in use today and prepare its infrastructure for 5G enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB), as well as residential subscribers. The vThunder CGN solution supports up to 100 Gbps in a single virtual machine, giving customers the ability to deploy a high-performance solution at hyperscale to prepare their networks for the future demands of new 5G use cases. Internet use has exploded over the last decade since the introduction of the smart phones and the availability of IPv4 addresses is nearing exhaustion. With the rapid transition to 5G networks in the coming years, the number of devices, including millions of IoT devices, will continue to expand, putting ever increasing pressure on service providers to find available addresses for their subscribers. A10 Networks’ vThunder CGN solution is an advanced carrier-grade networking solution providing high-performance, highly transparent network address and protocol translation, allowing service providers and enterprises to extend IPv4 network connectivity while simultaneously transitioning to IPv6 standards. In addition to hyperscale and rich application-level address translation features, the vThunder CGN solution also provides increased security to protect the services and infrastructure. Achieving the Hyperscale Requirements of 5G As Turkcell prepares its network infrastructure for 5G, it adopted A10 Networks’ technology because of its unique ability to achieve hyperscale performance in a virtualized form factor. A10 Networks’ standalone virtual machines can achieve up to 100 Gbps and can be extended to a multi node cluster seamlessly. The company’s unique scale-out architecture adds additional value by combining multiple nodes in a virtual chassis system to create n+m redundancy instead of traditional active-passive deployments, providing significant savings. The virtual chassis can achieve true hyperscale performance with optimized TCO. “We have a strategic goal to virtualize 75 percent of our infrastructure by 2020. This will be a rapid transition as we prepare to deliver the exciting new use cases for 5G. A10 Networks is an important partner in this mission. We deployed the vThunder CGN because it provides rich CGN and security features and hyperscale that we require for today’s and tomorrow’s demands, particularly for 5G,” said Özgür Genç, Core & Transport Network director of Turkcell. “Subscribers have come to rely on the availability of their services to stream video and access applications with a high quality of service. The transition to 5G networks will increase customers’ expectations for enhanced mobile broadband services and put even more pressure on network address translation capabilities. Our unique scale-out solutions, including vThunder CGN, provide easy and incremental additions to achieve the best use of capacity and allow for the hyperscale requirements of 5G,” said Yasir Liaqatullah, vice president, product management at A10 Networks.