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Leaseweb Sees Customer Loyalty Skyrocket with Advanced DDoS Scrubbing and Intelligent Automation

September 16, 2019 By BlueAlly

In 2018, the GitHub DDoS attack made headlines with record-breaking traffic clocking in at 1.35 terabits per second, or 129.6 million packets per second.

That record was short-lived. In the first month of 2019, Imperva reported a DDoS attack of 500 million packets per second.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why global hosting company, Leaseweb, is concerned about protecting its clients from such attacks. After all, more than 17,500 organizations depend on its services for secure and reliable cloud-hosting services.

In the words of Bart van der Sloot, managing director of Leaseweb Network, “performance, flexibility, security and economics are central to the design of Leaseweb’s global network.”

However, Leaseweb knew that it needed more than a standard solution. It needed a DDoS defense system that could automatically detect and mitigate DDoS attacks, without ever compromising its network’s performance or uptime.

As Leaseweb evaluated their needs, they also realized that the right DDoS protection solution could not only thwart DDoS attacks, but also fuel a new stream of revenue in the form of managed security services.

That solution was A10 Networks’ Thunder® Threat Protection System (TPS).

After deploying Thunder TPS across its European scrubbing centers with resounding success, Leaseweb soon expanded the solution to its U.S. and Asian operations, too.

“Using intelligent automation across the full DDoS protection lifecycle has enabled Leaseweb to lower operating costs and be more responsive when under attack,” said van der Sloot. “Our scrubbing centers mitigate 98 percent of DDoS attacks.”

With Thunder TPS’ flexibility and intelligent automation, Leaseweb was also able to provide a DDoS scrubbing service that generates profit.

By offering tiered levels of protection services to its subscribers, the company ensured that all its customers could enjoy robust protection, no matter their budget.

And since Thunder TPS integrates with Leaseweb’s CRM system, customers are instantly notified when scrubbing starts and stops. This helps to create a level of transparency that all subscribers can appreciate.

As a result, Leaseweb saw a marked increase in customer loyalty, as well as an 11 percent decrease in support tickets.

“The ability to automate and scale the delivery of differentiated services has had a major impact on the quality and economics of our DDoS scrubbing services,” said van der Sloot. “A10’s innovations are significant advancements.”

Going forward, Leaseweb will continue to rely on A10 Networks for efficient and comprehensive DDoS protection.

With A10 Networks’ continued innovations in machine learning and intelligent automation, they’ll be able to provide their customers with even better services and enjoy increasingly streamlined operations.

At a time when DDoS attacks are only growing bigger, faster and more sophisticated, an advanced and cost-effective solution like Thunder TPS is invaluable. Leaseweb (and its customers) can attest to that.

To learn more about how A10 Networks is helping organizations like Leaseweb achieve new levels of efficiency and customer loyalty, read the full case study here.