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Richweb Fuels Rural Broadband with Hyperscale Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation from A10 Networks

December 04, 2019 By BlueAlly

A10 Networks Thunder® CGN for Bare Metal Delivers High-performance Network Address Translation for Infrastructure-as-a-Service Offering

SAN JOSE, Calif. – December 4, 2019 – A10 Networks (NYSE: ATEN) today announced that Richweb, a Virginia-based managed service provider, has adopted the company’s bare metal carrier-grade network address translation (CGNAT) solution. Richweb is helping to bring digital equity to rural communities across Virginia. As part of its infrastructure services portfolio expansion, Richweb aspired to provide CGNAT services to help its electric co-op customers bring high-speed broadband to more Virginia residents. It chose A10 Thunder® Carrier-grade Networking (CGN) Bare Metal to extend its customers’ IPv4 address pools and ensure that critical network services are always available and reliable.

A10 Networks’ Thunder CGN solution provides high-performance, highly transparent network address and protocol translation, allowing service providers and enterprises to extend IPv4 network connectivity while simultaneously transitioning to the IPv6 protocol. In addition to hyperscale and rich application-level address translation features, the Thunder CGN solution also provides increased security to protect the services and infrastructure.

A10 Thunder CGN Bare Metal leverages the same high-performance architecture and features of the A10 Thunder CGN appliances. Bare-metal software deployments benefit from greater performance by not using a hypervisor, since they have direct access to the underlying hardware. A single instance of A10 Thunder CGN Bare Metal offers up to 40 Gbps of throughput.

“The performance of A10 Thunder CGN Bare Metal doesn’t waver,” says Jon Larsen, CIO and co-founder of Richweb, noting that open-source NAT products can experience unpredictable performance, impacting the subscriber experience.

Richweb deployed A10 Thunder CGN Bare Metal on its preferred server platform, which lowered capital costs and simplified operations. Servers running the bare-metal software can be upgraded independently from the hardware, giving the engineering team greater flexibility as business expands. “I like the bare metal because we can throw more cores at it and we can scale on-demand,” says Larsen.

Richweb’s engineering and operations team was new to A10 Thunder CGN, but deployment was smooth. “I expected it to be more of a challenge to configure Thunder CGN Bare Metal,” says Larsen. “It was simple. Thunder CGN just worked.”

“A10 Thunder CGN allows Richweb to be at the center of rural broadband services. Richweb provides the infrastructure services, such as routing, network address translation and peering, that electric co-ops need to deliver broadband to rural communities,” said Mark Lea, CEO and co-founder, Richweb

High-performance, scalable CGNAT is part of a sustainable growth strategy for any service provider or enterprise. With CGNAT services, Richweb can make the most of their IPv4 address allocations, enabling them to efficiently serve more subscribers and more connected devices, while being ready for IPv6.